Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

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Assalamualaikum wbt..

How are you??
Hopefully you all still my blogger's fan...
Today I wanna share about Eyes...

Do you have Long sightedness or Near sightness???
I have long sightedness..
Actually I feel sad because I can't see clearly..
During studying my eyes feel not comfortable and easily tired..

Here I wanna share about How To take Care of your
1. Eat VEGE and FRUITS..this is very important...remember that deficiency of vit A can cause night sightedness...
When I cooking, my main menu is Vege..I love vege a lots..
Because when I was child my Dad lied to me...
"Why you don't want eat that spanish??", asked my Dad angrily.
"err...because its tastes so badly..I don't like it, Dad..can you eat this for me..??", complained me with showing spanish to him.
He quite for awhile with a cold stared.
"Do you want a beautiful eyes, a blue eyes like you saw in the tv??",he asked me with soft sight to me.
I nodded my head many times, "Ya..I want be like that!!Do you know how??"
"By eat a lots of fruits and vegetables..Then you'll get blue eyes..", he said smilely.
"Really??Wow..Ok , from now I'll eat a lots of vegetables..Thanks Dad..I love you so much.."
I took back my spanish and ate them all, and smile to him..even I want to vomit, I kept positive my feeling,"Vege is delicious...vege is delicious.."

Everyday, I stared at the mirror and look deep in to my
When my eyes want to charge their color..
May be I not eat vege enough..Ok, this dinner I'll eat more vege also
When I grew up, I realized that my Dad was lying to me..
Until now my eyes still dark brown color..
I felt mad with my
I sitted down, I wondered why my Dad said like that to me when I was kid??

My Heart said..
Now I knew that you love me so much..
Until you think somethings treaky to make me believe it..
If you not teach me to eat them, may be I'll be anti-vege..
Thanks Dad..
I love my

2. Rest your
look outside there..find green things to view..
My experiences when I went to PLKN Tapah for 3 months..
I put away my glasses for 3 months..
Because I want to train my eyes to be independent, without glasses..
What happen was when I finished PLKN,
I went to shop's to check my power..
So surprised my power decrease from 400 to 300..
Its that amazing..??
You know how I got do that??
By looking God's Creation, I looked at the trees and flower, I looked the mountains, and I not watched Tv..
Then continued wear my glasses back for 2 months..
What happen was when I checked back my power..
Its increase from 300 to 400 again..
Know I realized,
My eyes become became clear because I looked at God's Creation..
While my eyes became blurred because I looked at wrong things..MAKSIAT..DOSA..
Heart/HATI is difficult to predict and difficult take care of them..Much more difficult than take care A Daughter/Son(mcm dah ada anak pula)

From there I learned from my experiences,
I always take care about what I'm listening to and what I'm looking to..
I not watching movies and Tv anymore,
I not read any comic anymore,
I deleted all my favourite songs, most of them are Eng songs..
And I preplaced with Al quran, zikir and nasyid songs..
But still my Heart still not free..
Until I came here(Egypt),
My friend from Malaysia,
He gave me listened
And I felt love with Qasidah,
before this I already listen Qasidah at Malaysia,
And my Dad said he loved Qasidah so much,and he missed his past during he singed Qasidah at his School everyday before start his Class..
If you wanna know Qasidah is song that praise Allah and Nabi..
If you want to hear more Qasidah,you can go to this link,

So, Take good Care of your Eyes, Ears, and also Your Heart..
Because Allah SWT just want to see our Heart..
He didn't look at your beauty,
He didn't look at your intelligent, and
He didn't hear at what you always say to your friends..
Always Be Honest in each ibadah you do..

3. Exercise Your Eyes..
Looked at far object,
Then focus to one object,
Then try to look it for 15-20 minutes..
And focus when you Praying,
Focus at Your Sejadah..
In our Ibadah Solat also we can train Our Eyes, Ears and Heart..
Makesure your Computer and Phone are Switch off
and Your Heart and Mind are focus to search Allah only..
No Family, Study and Friends in your Mind...
Remember Syaitan always go to our mind and our heart to make you become "LALAI"
I think until here my story today..
Not enough???
Well, I'm still Student and I have a lots of think to do.
I''ll share another story next times..
I hope you all have fun during reading my blog,
Even my blog is 'SANTAI' only...
And thank you to my friends who always support me and check my update stories..

Barangsiapa yang bertakwa kepada Allah nescaya akan dibukakan jalan keluar baginya (dari sebarang masalah) dan akan dikurniakan rezeki dari sumber-sumber yang tidak diduga. (Surah At-Talaaq: 2 & 3)

"Jaga Hati dan Jaga Iman